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US Army Mobilization WWI from 0.2 to Victory 19mo

January 31, 2007

US Army Mobilization WWI

” World War I

The United States entered World War I almost completely unprepared: the National Defense Act which Congress had passed in 1916 had provided the basis of a mobilization plan, not an actual army. In early 1917 the country had only 210,000 men under arms, a third of them National Guardsmen who had been called up the previous summer to serve on the Mexican border. The Army had no permanent tactical organization above the level of the regiment and lacked adequate quantities of artillery, machine guns, tanks, modern aircraft, and even gas masks. Its General Staff organization was not designed to cope with the logistical and operational problems presented by a major conflict, and at the direction of the Wilson administration it had made no war plans. The Army had no intelligence organization.

Within seventeen months, however, the country had transformed itself into a fighting machine. With the help of the draft, the United States raised an Army of 4 million men; half of this great force was transported to France, where it provided the decisive margin that led to victory over Imperial Germany and its allies.”

American Expeditionary Force

“By June 1917, there were 14,000 US soldiers in France and by May of the next year there were one million American troops. ”

What was different was a sense of urgency, will, and a nation that believed in its own survival and victory as morally right. With those, its easy to train 500,000 or 1 million troops in 12 months. We were doing it over 2 million a year in WWII with half the population.

We can train an army to finish up the Middle East and Central Asia and win before Bush leaves office. The time from April 6. 1917, US Congress Declared War on Germany to Nov 11, 1917, Victory was 19 months. They don’t teach those dates in leftist universities.

re Thomas Holsinger on “The Case for Invading Iran”

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Iran role seen in attack on US troops. at Jihad Watch

Big Red One . org Society of the First Infantry Division 1919


First ID


The 42nd Rainbow Division was formed in August 1917 of National Guard units from 26 states and the District of Columbia. After Chief of Staff Major Douglas MacArthur remarked that the Division “would stretch over the whole country like a rainbow,” the coalesced national guard units were christened Rainbow Division. As the war progressed Douglas MacArthur was promoted to commander of the 84th Brigade and finally to commander of the Rainbow Division. Its four infantry regiments were respectively 165th (formerly New York’s 69th); 166th (formerly Ohio’s 4th); 167th (formerly Alabama’s 4th); and 168th (formerly Iowa’s 3rd). The field artillery, machine gun, ambulance, hospital, and other units originated in other states from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

The Division saw its first action in February 1918 fighting alongside the French. The battles continued throughout the following months and on July 14, 1918 the final German offensive was contained by the 4th French Army, in which the Rainbow Division played a prominent role at the famous Battle of the Champagne. Many bloody battles and great victories followed until the Germans were finally defeated. Battles included those in the Chateau-Thierry salient where Rainbow’s poet, Joyce Kilmer was killed; St. Mihiel; Verdun front and Argonne, where Rainbowmen engaged in the final battle of WW I. German occupation duty followed.

“Increasing the size of the Marine Corps, he added, could be done only by 1,000 to 2,000 troops per year over an extended period.”

General Peter Pace. Guess he never read about General Douglas MacArthur in World War I.

“Marine Corps May Need to Grow, General Says”





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