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Young adults need stable jobs, no immigration

October 27, 2006

What lets young adults get married young, have kids and stay married is stable jobs. Immigration takes that from them. Immigration erases job stability.

Immigration takes job bargaining power from the young adults and gives it to employers. Without job bargaining power, young adults don’t have job security.

Without job security, young adults don’t have marriage security. Without marriage security, young adults don’t have security.

A society where young adults have security and are married and have kids is a safe place. That is what America was before the 1965 Immigration Act.

A society where young adults can’t get married and have kids because job stability is taken by immigration is a world of chaos and strife. Its a world where teenagers are wild because they aren’t stabilized into young adulthood with a job and marriage but instead have no prospects of stable jobs and so they just go wilding.

That world of insecurity and instability is America today. Its getting worse. That is why teenage boys engage in Columbine type killings, they aren’t grounded because society isn’t grounded. Society is grounded by young adults being married and in stable jobs.

We can see that in academia, where young adults are without security and don’t have kids or bargaining power. The profs use H1B and foreign TA’s and grad students to take bargaining power from young adults.The result is that young adults don’t have kids and the profs take credit for their discoveries.

The Senators represent the old, by definition of Senator. They are against the young adults. They try to take bargaining power from young adults.

This is what Cornyn and George Allen did in the Skil Bill, S. 2691. This is to increase H1B’s and take bargaining power from young adults. This includes nurses, programmers, engineers, etc.

Cornyn and Allen are creating a society of chaos where young adults don’t have job security but instead are without stable jobs and without stable marriages. The result is that teenagers are looking forward to a world of chaos without stability and they act that out. If they knew they were about to get stable jobs and be married, they would be picking out mates.

That’s what they did in the 1950’s. That’s the America we need to get back to. Its an America that was stable because of structural elements in society that created stability.

The structure of a society creates expectations. Expectations mold behavior. When teenagers see stable jobs and marriages 2 or 3 years out, they pick out mates, learn job skills and are stable.

When teenagers see men from 20 to 65 without stable work, without respect, without dignity, they go wild. They don’t steady down, pick a mate, learn job skills and transition into a stable adult life, because there is no stable adult life to transition into.

Teenagers take on the nature of the society they are about to enter into. If the society is stable has steady jobs for young adults to old adults, they will be stable. If the society is an open border of chaos, the teenagers take that on themselves and reflect the chaos of the adult world.

This post represents hypothesis, speculation and opinion. All other disclaimers apply.

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