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Open door for non-white identity or is it a pump

June 1, 2008

The following was posted at Vanishing American.

Anyone in the West with latent non-Western identity has an open door to change their identity to the non-Western one. In fact, they are pushed to do so.

Those with any Western identity are pushed in the opposite direction. So the Indian friend mentioned above is representative of a powerful force that is growing stronger. This doesn’t lead to any coming together.

More and more it seems like an open race war is under way. The establishment leaders act as if the opposite is true, that 99.99 percent of people are completely melded and only a few outliers feel otherwise. According to them, for non-whites its only those caught in knife fights with whites, except the whites really started it by being there and being white.

To our leaders, every white with any identity with whites is a loser. (Which obviously means those leaders have no such identity, not being losers.) In fact, identifying whites are the greatest losers in the history of life on earth according to our leaders. And that is self-fulfilling prophecy if we don’t change it.


To the elites and MSM this posting is racist. Because any white identity is racist. Any non-white identity is not racist and is justified by white racism. In fact, white identity justifies non whites to genocide whites. In fact, its mandatory according to Tom Daschle, Barack Obama’s ministers, George Bush, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, and John McCain.


Our leaders say white identify is forbidden. They encourage every type of non-white identity. They encourage Islam and every identity that is hostile to whites or the white West. There is no basis of cohesion in our society except force. The leaders push down what coheres society and all that is left is fear. Fear of force. Fear of losing a job and being unemployable.

The internet is supposed to expose our leaders, but they realize it can be used to expose us, as racists. This gives them power over us. They can redefine what they do as right. They can redefine Saudi Arabia as an ally even when it kills 3000 people and the ambassador’s wife is caught as funding it in part.

If our leaders oppose our identity, encourage immigration to replace us, keep our wages at 1973 levels despite productivity doubling and call us bigot and other names when we protest the loss of our country, what makes us think they don’t want to take over? What about our leaders or the MSM sends the message they don’t want to be dictators over us?

Obama says we are bitter clinging to God, guns and hatred of gays because we are losers. How did we get to be losers in the land we created? Why are 3rd worlders on welfare if we are losers? Why has our productivity doubled if we are losers.

Given the way McCain and Obama talk why would we think they intend us to retain freedom? Isn’t the purpose of immigration to take away our white majority so that we lose control of our destiny? That will leave what? A society with no unifying identity, except hatred of whites. It has already gotten to that point almost in fact. The leaders push it more that way.

What makes us think they don’t want to be our dictators? Isn’t force all that’s left to hold society together? That’s all they have left and keep pushing it that way. After every Muslim attack they say whites are racists and bigots and that stopping immigration is backlash and white racism. When do we start seeing this is just naked genocide and hate by them? What makes us think leaders who openly express their hate and contempt of us don’t want to be our dictators?


Harriet Christian no longer feels the love of the messiah:

The Democrats may want to have Fareed Zakaria give her an exit interview before her trip to the Daschle Chamber. The DC is where amnesty flows for non-whites. One final trip for whites there and its all over. (For whites traveling alone this might happen in the East of DC and for whites in a group it tends to happen at the center where the Daschle Chamber is located.)


Second, we want you, DNC to know we are angry and it is an anger that is so deep that there is no way that Obama can overcome it. When Kentucky voted for Hillary Clinton they were called hicks and racist, the people of West Virginia have been called racist, stupid and ignorant by Obama people all over the internet. People in Indiana have been called racist because they did not vote for Obama. The race card has been misused so much in this election that no one cares about it anymore. Many bloggers are saying outright, “white and racist, who cares?”

We have heard Hillary ridiculed at, her clothes criticized, her laugh criticized, her husband bashed, her daughter heckled and bashed, and every vile and conceivable slur that could be casted at her has been casted. It did not stop there as her supporters have been called racist such as Geraldine A. Ferraro and many others. Every time we turn around Hillary Clinton’s every move has been called racist. We are fed up with it, fed up with our own party’s biases and we will NOT be bullied by our own party nor the media.

My comment at the above link

Axelrod Democracy at work. Welcome to the South Side, it can be the Obama way or the Wright way, its your choice. Think about voting Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party if you want to be heard. Any vote for the two major parties is a vote for the status quo you are reacting to. It permeates both and seeps out in every MSM broadcast involving any of them from either side. American history shows that if you like status quo you vote major party. If you want change, you vote minor party. If you can’t stand the CP’s abortion etc positions you can vote Green. Until immigration stops this will get worse.

Search on “More on the racial divide in the Democratic Party”

What we are seeing erupt in the Democratic Party is the realization that non-whites are free to vilify whites at any time. We are second class citizens. We have little pain stimulators attached to us and any non-white person can push them any time they want, and they all laugh. Sometimes they don’t laugh, they are too busy venting hate. We live in a society where non-whites are told to vilify and vent hatred on whites. The two parties both empower it as do the courts.

Affirmative Action, hate crimes (white only no matter what the crime against whites is like the Knoxville Horror), etc. We are at the point of either fighting back or going out of existence. As we slip into minority status, the hate will grow and the violence and discrimination with it. We can’t live on what they give us and they know that. That’s the whole plan. Feel the hate of the MSM towards whites. Feel the hate of Hollywood. Feel the hate of newspapers that lose circulation advocating for immigration and lower wages for us, see graph p60-233.pdf page 16.

Median wages for the men are the same as 1973. Women’s median wages stopped approaching men around 1990 when the Bush Sr. 1990 Immigration Act was passed and the 1986 Reagan Kennedy Amnesty pushed up chain migration, family reunification and a fertility explosion in Southern California that Steve Sailer has explained.

McCain and Obama hate us. Their works show it. Their rhetoric shows it. They can’t hide their glee, we lose this year no matter what. That is why they are finishing off Hillary. They leave us with no choice. They know it and can’t stop smirking. What will it be like when whites are the minority? Then they won’t have to pretend at all.

==Following has links to other pro Hillary blogs tired of being called racist, whatever the real or imagined reason. In the end, its just fun to call us racist for the other side. As Auster pointed out, this is finally catching up with Hillary supporters as they realize they lose because of this.

Many Hillary supporters are feminist in one way or another. Immigration distorted the feminist revolution into something different than it looked to be in the 1950’s. From the 1950’s to 1990 women’s labor force participation rate went from between 30 to 40 percent to about 60 percent. To induce more women to work, employers raised women’s pay to 70 percent of men’s by 1990.

But after 1990, women’s labor force participation rate stopped increasing much and their median wages went up only to 77 percent of men’s. From 1973 to now productivity more than doubled and even from 1990 to now it went up 50 percent or more.

Immigration around 1990, from the Bush 1990 Immigration Act and the 1986 Kennedy Reagan Amnesty and chain migration from that changed the situation. Employers hired immigrants, legal or not, and women stopped making progress.

Since 1973, productivity has doubled, but men’s wages have not. Women’s wages have risen to 77 percent of men’s. This means that a woman and man together make less than a man would have if wages had increased with productivity. If immigration had been zero, meaning under 25,000 per year, then today a man and woman could live on the man’s salary and have more. The woman could take care of the kids.

But women in the workforce would make the same as men, which would be twice as much as in 1973. Women at home could go into the work force and make as much as their husband, if they wanted to. That could be timed for when kids left home or in a divorce.

Women not working would have more bargaining power today because they could get a job paying the same as a man’s and paying twice median wage of 1973 for men. Thus women could earn almost 3 times what they earn now. That means their bargaining power would be 3 times as great inside marriage, even if they didn’t work, because their ability to earn would be 3 times as great.

Thus immigration took away women’s bargaining power. By doing that, immigration undermined the feminist revolution. Women gained freedom to be slaves with men of the overlord elite. It was a bitter double cross by the establishment. Women for Hillary are finding out that this establishment is the one controlling the Democratic Party, one that double crossed them with legal immigration over the last 4 decades.


We are also seeing white women Democrat Hillary supporters discover that race trumps gender. They are finding that non-white women don’t identify with white women. They are also feeling the economic reality that their wages are 77 percent of what men’s were in 1973 which puts them where men were in 1960. So women have missed out on most of the progress in productivity since 1960 which is much more than doubling. Their men aren’t making more either.

So immigration has led to them to lose the chance feminism was supposed to give them. Feminism was supposed to mean more bargaining power for women, so whatever they chose, it would be better than what they had in the 1950’s. Instead, they have been shoved into a dead end by the party elites who have more in common with the Republican elites and Bill Gates than the white women who voted Democrat for the last 40 years.

The Obama campaign has plenty of non-white women and men who are letting white women know they don’t identify with them because they are white. They are finding the Democratic Party is a 3rd world nationalist party, whether the non-white is a man or a woman. Obama is supported by non-whites for the sole reason he is not white. That is it. They are making clear they own America now already before being a majority. Its their country and whites are out. That’s the message of the Democratic meeting yesterday.

That was a Black Nationalist Third World Nationalist meeting and whites, women or men, simply didn’t count. That’s the message that white Hillary supporters heard. They can look at their wages and they know the truth, they were shafted over the last 40 years by the Democratic Party.


Republicans should not get a victory they have not earned. Vote Chuck Baldwin or some other 3rd party. Make it clear they have to stop immigration, that means less than 25,000 per year including amnesty, guest worker, H-1B, students, asylum, etc. That is 1/10 of the number in 1957 which is the number that stopped the baby boom. The peak of fertility was in 1957, the year immigration rose to 250,000 per year.


Obama was not on the ballot in Michigan. He got delegates without anyone voting for him. He got a few from those who voted for Hillary. To the Black Nationalists running the Democratic Party this makes sense, Obama is black and they wanted to do this. Its their party. Michigan violated their rules and they make the rules. So they can decide ex post who Michigan voted for.

The Black Nationalists and Third World Nationalists running the Democratic Party have underestimated the impact of their vote stealing on whites. The Democrats are now the Zanu-Democratic Party. They act like the majority party in Zimbabwe. They can take white votes and give them to their big man. It doesn’t even occur to them that this would be a threshold event in white consciousness. They can’t see themselves. They have cowed whites into obedience for so long, they can’t imagine a revolt. But that may be happening now.

“Hijacking four delegates is not a good way to start down the path of party unity,” said adviser Harold Ickes.

Clinton’s camp maintains she was entitled to four additional Michigan delegates.


Republicans in 2008 are a Quisling party. Giuliani and McCain’s people rigged Giuliani’s leaving to give McCain a nomination that McCain couldn’t earn without that. Republicans could be named after the white parties that sold out South Africa and Rhodesia at the scene or from the UK, but this might be confusing to those on the left who would name them that in the mistaken belief that they haven’t sold whites out.


Saturday May 31, 2008 was the day that America as it was known as a polity ended. On that day, America became divided by a white non-white line. America is now a Rhodesia like country, except with more whites. Immigration is changing that. The Zanu Democrats and white traitors count in non-whites not in the US and for them non-whites are already the majority.


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