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Gordon Mugabe in-Touch Brown: Vote BNP if you want a job

April 1, 2008

Or if you want a life, literally. Gordon Brown, economics expert and former Chancellor of England said its easy to see that Tony Blair is making a lot of money now for having ruined England. What’s a poor Scot to do but follow in his footsteps? Brown is thinking of his job, not yours. Vote BNP.

David Cameron? He spells his middle name Mugabe too. Tony Blair, David Cameron, Gordon Brown, George Bush, Barack Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, and John McCain are all Robert Mugabe’s. They are Zanulib, Zanucon, Zanudem, Zanurepub, and all Zanuleft. The ZanuBBC, ZanuMSM, and Zanu-Speaking Fee Club are all the same. Zanu Harvard economics department also chimes in, money for us, low wages for you. They laugh all the way to our genocide.

Labour is malignant, not incompetent

By Simon Heffer

Last Updated: 12:01am BST 02/04/2008

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The problem with accusing a government, or any institution or person, of incompetence is that it seems to excuse its motives.

Vote BNP Vote Nick Griffin if you want a leader.

What you can do?


US Immigration Reform

What You Can Do

Every day FAIR hears from people concerned about our immigration policies but who don’t know what they can do to help. The instructions and materials gathered here will help you channel your concern into action.

Real reform means less than 25,000 per year in the US and that includes illegals, students, visa overstays, etc.  For the UK, it would mean under 5,000 per year including illegals, visa overstays, students, family reunification, etc.

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