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Zimbabwe and Bush

October 15, 2007

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The following article is long and has some PC views at times.  It is worth reading, especially from the middle onwards. 

The basic point of the article, written from a PC viewpoint at times, is that this is how whites should expect to live, and that this shoud be felt in an uplifting way.

Zimbabwe “white farmers”

Q The New York Times reports meager harvests in Africa leave millions at the edge of starvation, “including Zimbabwe, to whom neighboring nations used to turn for help during food shortages. But now Zimbabwe can barely help itself, let alone its neighbors, because it, too, is facing famine.” And my question: What is the President’s belief about Robert Mugabe’s agricultural reverse apartheid in seizing hundreds of farms because they’re owned by white farmers? And why didn’t the President even bring this up, this destructive racism, at the G-8 meeting?

MR. FLEISCHER: Well, as you know from the President’s announcement in Monterrey, Mexico, and to the announcement that was made this week in Calgary, the President is focused, as well as the G-8 nations, on bringing help to Africa. And the President believes very strongly that the best way to help the people of Africa is by giving incentives for the governments that are open, that are transparent, that follow the rule of law. And those nations that do that will receive increased aid, so that aid can actually get down to the people and make a difference and help in their lives.

The case of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe has moved in the wrong direction, and particularly in terms of their election that they just held. And so this is a very deeply seated belief with the President, that people around the world deserve help from the United States. The President has announced a Millennium Challenge Account to provide that funding, but he wants to make sure that the funding is not a waste of money — that not only loses money for the taxpayers but is harmful to people in these nations if the

money ends up in the hands of corrupt governments.

And I promised —

Q That was an excellent answer. What —

Just for the record somewhere, someplace, sometime, this was not an excellent answer. In fact, he never answered the question.

MR. FLEISCHER: And I promised Helen — you’ve had your two. Helen has — Helen has been patient.

Q No, no, no. I’ve been away for a week. Just one more.

MR. FLEISCHER: I haven’t seen Helen since this morning. Helen. (Laughter.)

This one courageous question, courageous in the PC White House press room then is followed by the press corps discussing their favorite topic, themselves.

April 18, 2007

This press release says nothing about oppressed whites in Zimbabwe.

Christina Lamb has reported on Zimbabwe.

One teacher, Myheart Muusha, who fled and now lives in hiding, told me about lessons which taught that Colonel Gaddafi, Comrade Mugabe and Comrade Fidel Castro were heroes and that Blair was responsible for most of the evils in the world.

This is not that far from what is taught in America. The Red Crescent Memorial to the 9-11 Hijackers is another example.

“You’ve got to be a real idiot if you think you can steal someone’s mind,” says Roy Bennett, a white opposition MP whose constituency, Chimanimani, is one of the areas from where teachers have been taken.

But this is what Bush and the MSM do.

“Such an anger and hatred is developing that when it breaks people will go berserk.”

We can’t even call the campaigns of Mitt Romney, Rudi Giuliani, Fred Thompson and John McCain to ask them to stop all immigration including H-1B, family reunification and an asylum program that ignores the plights of whites in Zimbabwe under Mugabe.

Zimbabwe whites asylum

Zimbabwe whites asylum

Yet Mugabe keeps getting away with it. It is exactly three years since the first farm invasion and those of us who covered that assumed it was some temporary madness. But since then all but 500 of the country’s 4,300 commercial farmers have been ejected from their land.

Without a word from Bush.

Far from being turned into communes for the landless, most of the farms lie derelict.

Isn’t this the real meaning of hate?

Meanwhile, the country that used to export food can no longer feed itself. The farmers’ organisation Justice for Agriculture estimates a maize crop this year of just 75,000 tonnes, compared to the 1.8 million tonnes needed.

Isn’t dispossessing whites of their land even though it results in starvation of your own people, blacks, proof that Mugabe and his government hate whites? Isn’t this what the immigration lobby in the U.S. is doing?

Many of the expelled white farmers have given up hope and moved to Australia or South Africa.

US is not on the list.

Others rent houses in Harare, talk about setting up farming schemes in Angola or the Congo, and recall the days when Zimbabwe had the world’s highest yield for cotton and wheat. One young farmer, Marcus Hale, now uses his farm trucks to transport food aid.

Is that food aid for non-whites from guilty whites in the West?


Q Thank you, Tony. Two questions. While Jimmy Carter was President, he invited to the White House Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe, whom he saluted as, “A notable world leader, exemplifying the finest aspects of humanity in achieving liberty and justice based on freedom and decency, and a result which thrills the whole world.” And my question, what is the President’s reaction to this as a measure of Mr. Carter’s standard of presidential goodness?

MR. SNOW: Rather than bringing out an old quote from Jimmy Carter, our position is pretty clear on the importance of democracy in Zimbabwe and the record of President Mugabe. Whether Jimmy Carter still shares that old opinion, I do not know.

Has Jimmy Carter admitted he was wrong about Mugabe because of what happened to whites? Weren’t whites promised rights? Didn’t Carter and the others make an implicit promise to whites to support them under black rule? What happened to that promise?

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