NumbersUSA Free Fax to Congress to stop Immigration

Send a free fax now to Congress on current legislation to stop immigration.

3 Responses to “NumbersUSA Free Fax to Congress to stop Immigration”

  1. Patrick Sticka Says:

    I am a liberal Democrat. But on this issue, I feel like the democrats are on the wrong side of the issue. If Bush is on your side, you need to take a look at where you are. I WILL not vote for ANYONE who will not secure our borders!!!

  2. Sable Chapman Says:

    Dear Congress:

    Please stop voting in all the legislation for the NWO. It is not something the American People want. Why do you?

    Please represent us properly.

  3. Stop immigration. There should be physicals and IQ tests to qualify for immigration. Stop bringing in people who are only qualified to pick cabbages.

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