Israel Russia Syria Skripal Cohencidence

March 16, 2018

What an amazing (((coincidence))) that after Russia resurfaces in the Middle East with a large military force next to Israel that an ex-Russian spy is killed in the UK from a Soviet era nerve agent. Did anyone really think that Israel would do nothing? Israel wants war between the Anglo-American West and Russia.

Remember the King David Hotel? Skripal has the mark of the same Irgun mindset. Once an Irgun always an Irgun.

Also when was the last time the Russian GRU or FSB killed the daughter along with the ex-spy? For Israel it is just one more Russian Goyess killed in revenge for real or imaginary pogroms.

On 4 March 2018, he and his daughter Yulia, who was visiting him from Moscow, were poisoned with a Novichok nerve agent.

The Russians let her live in Moscow without any harassment.

Sergei was a trade. The Russians had him in Moscow and sent him to the West in a trade. When was the last time they broke a trade by killing the person? Never.

When was the last time Mossad killed a Goy who was convenient for them to kill? When the future of Israel is at stake?

Russian forces in Syria helping Assad is a mortal threat to the state of Israel? Killing Skripal is a message to Putin from Bibi. From the Mossad to the FSB. From the Irgun to the KGB. You mess with Israel in Syria and we send your people home dead.

Not only that, we will get you into war with America and Britain. And Germany too. You want the German army reconstituted and driving to Moscow? Then get out of Syria and stay out.

Israel owns Germany. If anyone can get the panzers back on the road to Moscow, it is Israel. This is a message not lost on Putin.

It need hardly be added that Putin knows he didn’t kill Skripal. That makes it obvious to Putin it was Israel.


Could war with Russia be used to get rid of Diversity?

March 16, 2018

Trump and Putin discuss the options.

Trump: Russia could bomb New York and we could bomb one of your cities overrun by Diversity.

Putin: Russia has no cities overrun by Diversity.

Trump: How did that happen?

Putin: We have better control over our Jews.

Trump: My whole family is Jews now.

Putin: Exactly.

Trump: So what do we do?

Putin: Russia will bomb New York. That will get rid of your Jew problem.

Trump: Then what do we do?

Putin: You do nothing.

Trump: We have to do something.

Putin: You could bomb Detroit.

Trump: But that is one of our cities.

Putin: When was it last one of your cities?

Trump: I can’t remember.

Putin: Exactly.

Trump: Maybe we could hoax bomb one of your cities.

Putin: That could be arranged.

Trump: Free at last.

Putin: Free at last.

Trump: Thank God almighty, free at last.

Both laugh.

Operation Reverse Gladio

March 16, 2018

Are (((they))) planning a Reverse Gladio psyop on the Deep State? Already carrying it out?

  1. Convince the Deep State and military that everything is a hoax.
  2. Start a hoax war with Russia.
  3. Turn it real.
  4. Destroy the White Race.


911 convinced the Deep State everything is a hoax. So now they are vulnerable to turning a hoax WW3 with Russia into a real one.

Who would do that? Who hates White people? Get real you cucking morons. They have warned us. Even in your own stupid choice world, they have warned you and given you the choice. Now you go through with it and they destroy you.

Where is Rome? They destroyed that for real. How stupid can you be. They destroy White Gentile empires for real. Even if they hoax and false flag it all the way down, it ends up down. The Roman Deep State ended up mostly genocided out of existence. That is the fate of the Anglo American Deep State now.

(((They))) boast how they survived all their enemies. That is what they are preparing now for their White Gentile enemies.

(((They))) are the Deeper State within the Deep State. They have eliminated every Gentile Deep State since Carthage. It was hoaxes all the way down. Every time the Deep State is fooled into its own suicide.

  1. Bronze Age Greece
  2. Hittite Empire
  3. Carthage
  4. Rome
  5. Anglo-American West

Every one of these Deep States believed they would destroy their own people and not themselves. Idiots. You can’t genocide your own race and survive.

The Deep State believes when they genocide their own grand-children it proves how powerful they are. Just dupes to the (((Real Deep State))). There is only one real deep state and it doesn’t have Gentiles in it.

History shows that every Diversity empire loses in war. How will America’s Diverse force do against Russia’s White force?

Andrew McCabe FBI faces loss of pension

March 15, 2018

Andrew McCabe engaged in similar offenses to General Flynn and others in current or past investigations. Should he be fired and lose his pension?

It seems almost a violation of due process to fire him just a few days before his pension vests. Of course, General Flynn’s offense was minor.

McCabe was part of an FBI leadership that blocked the investigation of Russia blackmailing professors over plagiarism and atomic spying going back to WW2. This was after the FBI disclosed its own files in 2008 showing the universities had been doing a coverup since the 1950s that was ongoing.

Moreover, the universities and professors had given benefits to Russia including nominations for the Nobel Prize in economics and physics to cover-up not just ongoing plagiarism and fraud on the government to get grants, but also the continued cover-up of the atomic spying and of Russia’s extensive spy network engaged in continuing this.

Thus their ongoing violations of the espionage act by everyone involved in the conspiracy. That includes journal editors and referees and authors who were acting to cover this up, even by not citing plagiarism victims, or themselves taking advantage of it to engage in their own plagiarism and obtain government benefits including immigration benefits. This was blackmail of the institutions involved not just for plagiarism but for the institutions covering up atomic spying and of Russia’s active spy network that is continuing this up to the present.

Any professor who advanced his career by helping cover up Russia’s vast network of spies, or Russia’s use of this or China’s by not citing someone or citing someone they shouldn’t is part of the conspiracy to violate the espionage act.

As important as these things are, McCabe can’t be fired for these with due process in the time left for his pension to vest. But he could start to cooperate on these matters in that time.

McCabe could offer to trade what he knows on this to keep his pension. That would lead to questions about Mueller, Comey and others.

In our world, it is more likely that DOJ will let him keep his pension for not talking about these things.

Kudlow appointment makes Mueller charges more believable

March 15, 2018

The appointment of Larry Kudlow to follow Gary Cohn makes Mueller’s charges that the Trump team is inherently corrupt more believable. Kudlow has always hated the White working class and White middle class. No one has more consistently opposed our economic existence than Larry Kudlow.

Trump appointing Kudlow makes it more likely that Trump sees the world as just a way to grab for himself. Trump is completely oblivious to the situation of Trump voters who are struggling with the huge increases in health care premiums that Trump let loose on us. Trump has betrayed us on most things he passed and on the things he promised but did not pass.

Kudlow shows that Trump only thinks of the rich man’s club he is part of. If Trump would collude with Kudlow why not with Putin? If Trump would collude with Cohn to steal our healthcare, why not with Putin to steal our election?

Cohn Kudlow Trump Values betray us

March 15, 2018

Just as the German people were betrayed of the 4 Freedoms promised to them by FDR by the (((agents))) of Darkness let loose on Europe, so have Cohn and Kudlow betrayed the Trump voters. They are stealing affordable health care from a large part of the American population.

Conor Lamb won the CD-18 because he has the values of the Lamb of God and the Cohn Kudlow Trump GOPe has the values of the Beast of Revelation.

C -> 3. L-> 3 so Conor Lamb is 33, Christ. Note CD is 3+4 = 7, 1+8 = 9.,_2018

The vote totals

Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district special election, 2018[116]
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Conor Lamb 113,813 49.84%
Republican Rick Saccone 113,186 49.56%
Libertarian Drew Gray Miller 1,379 0.60%
Total votes 228,378 100%
Democratic gain from Republican


Of course, the vote shows the Masonic rigging of election vote counting. 113,813 -> 11 33, 18 -> 11 33, 9. 9-11 the birthday of Christ and 33 which symbolizes his death at age 33 or year 33 AD.

Cohn wrecked the financial balance of Obamacare. Kudlow cheered him on. These two (((men))) hate the White working class and are determined to take their health care away. The White middle class too for that matter. Of course, the White middle class is unable to see (((who))) is destroying them.

)))Insiders((( are desperate to believe they are in a service club. They will allow themselves to be persuaded that the harm done to their fellow Gentiles is exaggerated or taken out of context or imagined. It isn’t. It is real. Look around you. Look at what has happened to the cities of this country in the last 50 years. Look at how it is happening to the cities of Europe now. Did we deserve this? Did it just happen by chance?

Where did the defined benefit pension plans go? If our country is richer, why is retirement worse for most of the population? Why did the money go to (((Cohnman Sachs))) instead of stay in the pension plans?

Look at the collapse of the schools. Whether you believe school shootings are staged hoaxes or real, the schools are loaded with metal detectors and a prison mindset. This didn’t exist 50 years ago. That didn’t just happen.  Even now, (((they))) keep making it worse by even more unassimilable immigration.

A special message to insiders. They have six ways from Sunday to make you believe that what you see happening isn’t happening or is needed for their plan. They can discredit those who witness to the evil nature of their acts. Don’t be duped by this.

Taking away people’s pensions wasn’t needed except by the (((Cohnman Sachs))) that stole it. Nor was undermining the financial balance of Obamacare needed except by the (((Kudlowites))) that needed to be paid for flacking this theft.

Look at how few young people are married before they are 30. What great plan was that needed for? Ask (((them))).


How FDR’s 4 Freedoms were lost

March 15, 2018

FDR promised the German people the 4 Freedoms as the war aims. But the people behind FDR had different plans. More like the 4 Horseman.

The camps were training grounds for the leadership of the new dictatorship over the German people as well as other occupied people. It wasn’t just Eastern Europe that was occupied and mind bent, it was Western Europe as well. Meanwhile, the same process was going on in America. Gary Cohn and Lawrence Kudlow destroying the financial balance of Obamacare is the latest example.

Masonic Fire Engine 424 gag

March 15, 2018

On the way to my Lent Dinner at church, they had Fire Engine 424.  Last night’s talk was on Revelations. Revelations 5:8 to 9 were in the talk:

And when he had taken the book, the four beasts and four and twenty elders fell down before the Lamb, having every one of them harps, and golden vials full of odours, which are the prayers of saints.

And they sung a new song, saying, Thou art worthy to take the book, and to open the seals thereof: for thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation;

The firetruck number 424 was a reference to the 4 beasts and 24 elders. I passed the firetruck on the way to the talk. This is part of their mental voodoo on me. Verse 9 is what’s next? Not sure I want to be slain anytime soon.

The speaker pointed out verse 9 is a new beginning. I hope for me it is not a new ending.

OK this was a clever gag. One of their best. Hats off to everyone involved.


Immigration is Blood Sacrifice

March 14, 2018

Since immigration causes total genetic replacement of the population, therefore immigration is blood sacrifice of the entire population. This follows from the Island Model of Population Genetics which tells us that immigration causes the total genetic replacement of the population.

Perhaps the Island Model should be renamed the Blood Sacrifice Model.

Jews interfere with American elections by immigration

March 13, 2018

Putin was right that Jews are interfering with American elections. Importing Diversity to replace Whites as the majority is typical Jewing of the electoral process. Jews achieved this without a vote. They used (((the conspiracy))) instead. No lack of Cucksonic volunteers to betray Whites. Typical.

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