Russia’s Plagiarism Files

Russia’s hypothetical files on plagiarism. This is hypothesis and speculation. All disclaimers apply.

Russia Used Plagiarism Files to Gain atomic know-how.

A detailed account with page references of the Dirac Fowler plagiarism of Max Born and of Kapitza’s coy references to it in Rutherford’s obituary in 1937.

The Washington Post: A Wikipedia Of Secrets
The above discusses the Dirac Fowler plagiarism and then moves on to a discussion of the MIT 1969 incidents, we are neutral on whether its plagiarism, involving Stanley Fischer, Robert C. Merton, and Paul Samuelson. This includes Merton’s 1997 NP autobio where he falsely says that Hakansson was still a graduate student in 1968, he got his Ph.D. in 1966 and Merton actually cited that at one point in 1973 in a paper with Samuelson. This then continues with a discussion of India’s Prime Minister Singh and someone taking out parts of his autobio from Wikipedia copied from his webpage in India that indicate his contacts with the Soviets and work at IMF and World Bank.

TOC: US v. Harvard, Bush v. Gore, Russia’s files on Plagiarism

This is at a different website but has material on this case. This has links to several articles on the possible use of these methods by Russia to get low interest rate loans from the IMF in the 1990’s by using this history involving Stanley Fischer, then at IMF, and Larry Summers, then at US Treasury. Paul Samuelson is an uncle of Larry Summers.

Fischer and Summers controlled loans to Russia. After they got in charge, the loans went up, including a large 10 billion tranche in spring of 1995. Boris Berezovsky and other Russian oligarchs then got billions in Russia’s oil and gas in fall 1995, possibly as a reward for this tactic of getting the IMF loans. Berezvosky has a Ph.D. in math from Moscow State University and was a manager at the Institute of Control Sciences, Academy of Sciences, USSR. Control sciences is Russian terminology for dynamic programming and optimal control that has to do with the papers in the MIT 1969 incident. They may have analyzed that incident and it may have been used at a conference in Warsaw in 1972 to pressure American profs to have Arrow and Samuelson, both uncles of Larry Summers to nominate Kantorovich of the USSR for the 1975 Nobel Prize in economics. Arrow and Summers were the only prior winners for math econ. Kantorovich’s prize was for math econ work, so their nominations would have been decisive.

Harvard, HIID, Andrei Shleifer, Jonathan Hay, etc. were investigated by the USAO Mass from 1997 to 2005. They may not have disclosed information on this. Jeffrey Sachs, Larry Summers, and others perhaps Rob Vishny (University of Chicago) who formed a fund with Shleifer, LSV, may or may not have volunteered information on these issues to the FBI or USAO Mass if they ever met with them. Vishny and Sachs were also advisers to Russia in the early 1990’s and then decided themselves to withdraw.

LTCM may have traded Russian government bonds on this information. Info on all this may not have been provided to Congress in hearings in 1998 on LTCM bailout, loans to Russia, and the Clinton Impeachment Hearings. This was all during the USAO Mass investigation which had a grand jury phase eventually.The House Republicans including Chris Cox (now at SEC), Porter Goss and others named Summers, Gore and Talbott as part of a Troika before the 2000 election.

During Bush v. Gore, this may have been known to Bush through John Yoo, Paul Wolfowitz, Prince Bandar or others. Yoo, a former clerk to Silberman and Thomas, may have told this to Silberman and Senator Hatch and then Scalia or Thomas. This may have been used to pressure Gore to leave politics. Jamie Gorelick was an overseer of Harvard who offered the presidency of Harvard first to Gore and then Summers in 2001.

David Warsh at has extensive materials on the Harvard case but not these other issues of plagiarism, etc.

A recent summary is

The Light Gray Curse


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